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Hand barrel pump for flammables

  • this pump is designed for the transfer of flammable liquids such as acetone, fuel, oils etc. from standard metal 200-litre barrels
  • the pump is suitable for the premises with explosion hazard - zone 1 and 2. Zone 0 is supposed to be only inside the barrel and the pump
  • the pump works on the basis of blasting the air into the transport barrel, it creates slight overpressure in the barrel making the flow of the liquid possible through the pump
  • the barrel has to be earthed during the liquid transfer
  • the pump has a long operating life as a greater part of the pump does not come to contact with the transferred liquid
  • most parts are produced from aluminium alloys which ensures high corrosion resistance
  • the construction of the pump ensures clean working premises and exact measuring of the transferred liquid quantity without any losses


Weight: 4kg


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